Franklyn (2008)

Franklyn (2008)

Released: 2008
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Genre, Sci-Fi
Director: Gerald McMorrow
Starring: Sam Riley, Ryan Phillippe, Eva Green, ,
Run time: 98 min
IMDb: 6.2/10
Country: UK
Views: 125765


Preest is a masked vigilante detective, searching for his nemesis on the streets of Meanwhile City, a monolithic fantasy metropolis ruthlessly governed by faith and religious fervor. Esser is a broken man, searching for his wayward son amongst the rough streets of London’s homeless. Milo is a heartbroken thirty-something desperately trying to find a way back to the purity of first love. Emilia is a beautiful art student; her suicidal art projects are becoming increasingly more complex and deadly.
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User Reviews: I liked it, believe it or not. it’s not the common sci-fi stuff that you usually see out there. is different, incredibly artistic, not bad but not that good either.

the cast is simply amazing. Sam Riley is good as always, Eva green gets the biggest role and rocks at it, an Ryan Phillipe really surprised me (he didn’t like him much before this movie).

i enjoyed it, i think it has some flaws, but in the end it is just what it promises to be: unusual and artistic. if you’re a "classic movie" lover, you will not appreciate this movie at all. i’ve you’re a "new wave" kind of person it’s a must-see.

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