Framed (1975)

Framed (1975)

Released: 1975
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Genre
Director: Phil Karlson
Starring: Gabriel Dell, Conny Van Dyke, Joe Don Baker, ,
Run time: 106 min
IMDb: 6.4/10
Country: USA
Views: 106899


Gambler Ron Lewis wins the jackpot but is ambushed later on the street outside. In self defense he kills a cop and is sentenced to four years of prison. He vows to make a bloody revenge on the mayor and the police commissioner.
Written by
Mattias Thuresson
User Reviews: "Framed" seems like it would be well received on the drive in circuit. You have a very sympathetic character, Joe Don Baker, framed and sent to prison, by at least a bunch of corrupt city officials. I could have done without a couple of boring lounge songs, but then you wouldn’t get easy on the eyes, Connie Van Dyke. John Marley as an imprisoned mafia type adds considerably to what is already above average acting for an exploitation film. There are some nice car wrecks, including a train creaming a Chevy, and more than enough violence. Surprisingly there is no nudity, which seems inappropriate considering the intended audience. "Framed" is a good revenge flick, and is recommended. – MERK

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