Forget Me Not (2009)

Forget Me Not (2009)

Released: 2009
Genre: Genre, Horror, Romance, Thriller
Director: Tyler Oliver
Starring: Brie Gabrielle, Cody Linley, Carly Schroeder, ,
Run time: 103 min
IMDb: 5.2/10
Country: USA
Views: 178350


It’s graduation weekend, and Sandy Channing, the popular class president of her small-town high school, should be enjoying the time of her life. But when her friends start disappearing, Sandy discovers they have unwittingly awakened the vengeful spirit of a girl they wronged long ago. Fighting for her sanity, Sandy must unlock a dark secret from her own past before it’s too late.
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User Reviews: The movie was pretty good for it’s genre and for me especially had some new ideas, not overused in other ghost story films.

There’s not much gore or violence, but it keeps the suspense throughout the whole time.

I give it a 6/10 because there were certain things that I didn’t like:

1. The first 15 minutes were a waste of time – I didn’t find any of the characters likable (except maybe the brother) – and for me this whole drinking/f***ing added nothing to the story 2. Some of the dialogue was pretty out of place and felt like forced onto the characters, just to fill in running time

That being said – give it a try. It’s fresh and if you’re not looking for something worth an Oscar – you will like it.

Also, the ending is satisfying, not like in most horror movies these days.

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