Forcefury (2019)

Forcefury (2019)

Released: 2019
Genre: Comedy, Genre
Director: Daniel McLeod
Starring: Steve Kasan, Jeff Gorchynsk, Erica Adam, ,
Run time: 80 min
IMDb: 7.7/10
Country: Canada
Views: 26640


Brick Forcefury’s life as a Border Security Agent takes a turn for the worse when his life-long partner is killed during a simple routine patrol of The Wall. While dealing with his grief, Brick struggles to adapt to a normal life, blaming his problems on The Liberal Agenda. When he finally returns to the force, he is partnered with a new, half-alien partner, which he resents. Forced to work together, he eventually learns to respect that what he once feared, and together they team up to save the nation from an alien menace.
Written by
Daniel McLeod
User Reviews: I had the opportunity to sit down and watch the 2019 movie "Forcefury" here in 2021. Sure, I hadn’t heard about it, and I had to look it up here on IMDb as I wanted to see what it had been rated. And I must admit that with the movie’s cover and the high rating the movie had gotten, then of course this was something that I just had to watch.

And let me just tell you that "Forcefury" is bad. It is really, really bad. In fact, "Forcefury" is so bad that it actually is a great movie and a very fun movie to watch. It is just one of those instances where everything is so campy, cheese and low budget that it actually works well in favor of the movie as a whole. But of course, a movie such as "Forcefury" is not one that I think will find appeal with just everyone in the audience. So you need to have a liking for really dubious movies in order to enjoy this movie from writers Daniel McLeod and Matthew Mousseau.

Now, "Forcefury" is low budget. Very low budget. But it actually works out nicely, especially so as it is so far out there and so ridiculous that you just can’t help to enjoy it.

The acting in the movie was dubious. Of course it was, but again, this was something that worked well in favor of the overall feel of the movie. Especially because Matthew Mousseau (playing Brick Forcefury) put on such a hilariously bad performance that he singlehandedly carried most of the movie.

This is definitely an enjoyable and feel-good movie. And it most certainly seems like it is a movie that the cast and crew had a blast making.

Don’t expect CGI or visual effects that are spectacular here. Sure, they had an effects department, of sorts. But prepare yourself for alien latex masks bought at the local Halloween store, and effects that are suitable for an early 1990s computer game.

My rating of "Forcefury" is a six out of ten stars, and it is movie that I would recommend you give a chance, should you have the opportunity to sit down to watch it. I was more than genuinely entertained by what director Daniel McLeod dished out here.

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