First Man Into Space (1959)

First Man Into Space (1959)

Released: 1959
Genre: Drama, Genre, Horror
Director: Robert Day
Starring: Bill Edwards, Marla Landi, Marshall Thompson, ,
Run time: 78 min
IMDb: 5.5/10
Country: UK
Views: 106598


Navy test pilot Lieut. Dan Prescott, in experimental rocket plane Y-13, disobeys orders and becomes the first man to fly outside the ionosphere. Unable to turn, he ejects…and is plastered with metallic meteor dust. The pilot compartment lands with no trace of the pilot… but first cattle, then people, are found with their throats cut as if with an axe, by something that seems to have a craving for blood…
Written by
Rod Crawford <[email protected]>
User Reviews: Bill Edwards is the young, headstrong pilot "Dan Prescott" on an experimental team that includes his elder brother Marshall Thompson and Carl Jaffe as the somewhat earnest professor. Their mission – to fly as high as they can. Edwards pushes his luck as he goes over 250 miles up and when his rocket crash lands there is no sign of him, just of lots of slaughtered animals, then people… The storyline is pretty predictable, though the ending is a little more creative than you might expect. The budget might buy a round of coffees in Starbucks these days, so don’t expect too much on that front; and to be honest it takes quite a long time to get into it’s stride – maybe could have been a bit shorter. Enjoyable enough, though, if you like the genre and remember it is over 60 years old now.

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