Firestarter (1984)

Firestarter (1984)

Released: 1984
Genre: Action, Genre, Horror, Sci-Fi
Director: Mark L. Lester
Starring: Freddie Jones, David Keith, Drew Barrymore, ,
Run time: 114 min
IMDb: 6/10
Country: USA
Views: 55382


Andrew and Vicky McGee met while earning money as guinea pigs for an experiment at college. The experiment was shrouded in suspicion and mystery, and seemed to be related to psychic abilities. The two were married and had a daughter, Charlie, who has the ability to start fires by merely thinking about it, also known as pyrokinesis. Naturally, the government takes a great interest in Charlie, and operatives from the secret department known as “The Shop” want to quarantine and study her.
Written by
Murray Chapman <[email protected]>
User Reviews: Good special effects and a great cast make this film above-average, as Stephen King adaptations go (well, it’s certainly better than "Maximum Overdrive"). The story may be a bit predictable, partly because King had visited similar territory before ("Carrie", anyone?), but you have to admire the way the film puts you into the action right from the start, omitting any slow introductions, and George C.Scott is such a strong, perverse and eccentric villain that you can’t help watching him. (**1/2)

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  • Might be 1 of the better Stephen King adaptations! Poignant, sweet and scary! The climax was the 1 thing that made this better than the book 2 me!