Fanfan (2003)

Fanfan (2003)

Released: 2003
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Genre, Romance
Director: Gérard Krawczyk
Starring: Didier Bourdon, Penélope Cruz, Vincent Perez, ,
Run time: 97 min
IMDb: 5.7/10
Country: France
Views: 131598


In this 2003 remake of the classic 1952 French film, Fanfan la Tulipe is a swashbuckling lover who is tricked into joining the army of King Louis XV by Adeline La Franchise, who tells Fanfan that by doing so, he will eventually marry one of the king’s daughters.
Written by
Adam Blinkinsop
User Reviews: Behind this film we see the French Touch of Luc Besson, the producer. It is not a great film, but you’ll spend a good time. Penelope Cruz is beautiful as usual and Vincent Perez is wonderful. He is climbing up the stairs, and this film will help him over the seas. FANFAN is one of these new french films, like LEON, THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLVES,THE FIFTH ELEMENT. It is like an Hollywood film with an Hollywood star (Penelope Cruz, Mark Dacascos, Bruce Willis), It is pleasant like an Hollywood movie, and you are not more cleaver after seeing these. So it shows that Hollywood is not the only place to makes movies (very good or very bad) in the world, and that directors are not obliged to show many times american banner in their movies and, of course, that heroes sometimes live anywhere but between NY and LA.

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