Evil Bong 777 (2018)

Evil Bong 777 (2018)

Released: 2018
Genre: Action, Comedy, Genre, Horror
Director: Charles Band
Starring: Jessica Morris, Robin Sydney, Sonny Carl Davis, ,
Run time: 59 min
IMDb: 4.5/10
Country: USA
Views: 20834


EVIL BONG 777 leaves off where last year’s EVIL BONG 666 left off. Our scowling weed-spewing Eebee is out of “Sexy Hell” and heading to Sin City with danger on her tail. She’s joined by her whack pack of fabulous freaks: Faux Batty, Rabbit, Misty and The Gingerweed Man. Get ready for a tidal wave of smutty, skunky, surreal insanity as the gang gets into all manner of misadventures. Can Vegas handle this gaggle of ganja-fied weirdos?
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Dread Central
User Reviews: The very fact that Evil Bong has made it to seven movies (8 if you include Evil Bong vs Gingerdead Man) is outstanding. But remember the abysmal Witchcraft franchise lasted to 16 films and never made a single good one.

Evil Bong hasn’t either truth be told, but for the most part they’ve been just about watchable however dumb they may be.

And dumb they are. To clarify this tells the story of our heroes including an elderly pervert, a hippie girl, a clown, an evil bong and a minature man made of marijuana manage to escape sexy hell but are now on the run for their lives from the evil Lucy Furr.

The jokes mostly miss but there are a few passable ones in there, it all looks pretty terrible but has that Full Moon charm about it and it only has a one hour runtime.

Part of me hopes that this is the final film, not because they’re that bad but because I’d rather Evil Bong didn’t go down in the annuls of history as an embarassment that didn’t know when to die.

777 isn’t the worst, it isn’t the best but is certainly for an aquired taste and this guys "Taste" is very much tired of the franchise.

The Good:

Consistent with cast/characters

Lots of references/props from other Full Moon stuff

The Bad:

Mindy Robinson

Going a bit overboard with the T&A now

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Las Vegas shows have gone downhill

If nipples are covered it doesn’t count as topless

Full Moon must have a working partnership with someone in the porn industry

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