Evil Alien Conquerors (2003)

Evil Alien Conquerors (2003)

Released: 2003
Genre: Comedy, Genre
Director: Chris Matheson
Starring: Chris Parnell, Diedrich Bader, Michael Weston, ,
Run time: 89 min
IMDb: 4.9/10
Country: USA
Views: 122132


My-ik [Diedrich Bader] and Du-ug [Chris Parnell] are evil alien conquerors from the planet Kabijj. They have exactly 822,000 tilkrons (2 and half days) to behead all of mankind. Otherwise they will feel the wrath of a 100 foot giant, named Croker [Tyler Labine]. Armed with only their swords, these inept evil aliens find Earth harder to conquer than planned. Will alcohol, fast food, mad cows, and women stand in their way? Or is the Earth doomed?
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User Reviews: They were trying to be bad or silly

and they achieved it. It is intentionally funny and at times unintentionally funny. Bader is pretty good (Not as good as Rex character

from Napoleon Dynamite) and The guy that played Croker is really funny once you get past the annoying shouting he does at all times. Give it a chance. It seems bad at first but there dead pan delivery gets to be pretty funny after a while. Like other comments here have mentioned that it does seem somewhat like an Ed Wood movie but this was was funny on purpose.

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