Ernest Goes to Camp (1987)

Ernest Goes to Camp (1987)

Released: 1987
Genre: Comedy, Family, Genre
Director: John R. Cherry III
Starring: John Vernon, Victoria Racimo, Jim Varney, ,
Run time: 92 min
IMDb: 5.5/10
Country: USA
Views: 157585


At the beginning Ernest gets a shot by Miss. then they get a group of kids from a institution. Then Ernest becomes a camp counselor. Later on Ernest gets bit by fire ants at a picnic with Nurse and the Chief which is Miss. St.clouds Grandfather. Then The Chief is tricked into selling the camp by Krader Mining company. Then Ernest gets beat up and Miss. patches him up. Then he saves Kamp Kikike which is where they live and they become a year round camp.
User Reviews: This was the movie that made me grow to love Ernest films and the Ernest character in paticular. That was back in the 80’s when I was little and I’m 15 now and still love his movies. His movies are considered silly and even stupid yet it still seems to make you laugh. This was probably my favorite of the Ernest films and it was the first of his many flicks that he made, they seemed to have put a lot of time into it.Though Ernest is often portrayed as clumsy and childish, this film shows an emotional side of Ernest in his pursuit of needing friends and trying to do the right thing to save the camp. This movie also holds a very good plot that will keep you watching it. This is indeed one of his best movies yet and you’ll want to watch it again and again with family and friends. If your a fan of Ernest and have not yet seen this film (which I hope you have),then you don’t know what your missing, see it!

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