El Chivo (2016)

El Chivo (2016)

Released: 2016
Genre: Documentary, Genre
Director: Rod Murphy
Starring: ,
Run time: 80 min
IMDb: 5.0/10
Country: United States of America
Views: 42270


‘El Chivo’ (the Mountain Goat) is what the indigenous Tarahumara Indians of Mexico’s Copper Canyons call Runner Will Harlan ever since he won the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon in 2009, a race made infamous in the bestseller ‘Born to Run.’ Since Harlan’s first visit with the Tarahumara, who are renown for long distance running and their sustainable life-style, he’s dramatically changed the way his family lives by moving to an off-the-grid farm in North Carolina, where they grow their food and run a non-profit for the Tarahumara. El Chivo chronicles what motivates Harlan to live life this deliberately by showing the physical and mental demands while also detailing the toll it takes on the family of an altruistic, elite Ultra Marathoner.
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