Domino (2005)

Domino (2005)

Released: 2005
Genre: Action, Biography, Crime, Genre
Director: Tony Scott
Starring: Edgar Ramírez, Mickey Rourke, Keira Knightley, ,
Run time: 127 min
IMDb: 6/10
Country: France
Views: 60598


The daughter of an actor father and a social-climber mother, Domino Harvey, bored with her life, decides to join the team of Ed Moseby and becomes a bounty hunter. But she gets in trouble when the Mafia’s money is stolen from an armored truck, while Moseby and his crew are participating in a reality show produced by Mark Heiss. The situation gets out of control when the sons of a rival mobster are kidnapped while the FBI is monitoring two gangs of mobsters.
Written by
Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
User Reviews: This is a horrible movie. A grade A horrible movie. 1st, the use of yellow screens & etc is just horrible. Then the plot was just no existent. We have Monik who is a DMV worker who supplies fake IDs so she can get her granddaughter’s life threatening surgery. She is also a robber who has stole 10 million that turns up to be from a casino that is involved with mafia. Then we have Domino who can get out of shoot outs by doing strip teases… yea right… snort snort. She is involved with the bank robberies & ends up setting up the mafia’s kids. Then there is a guy who steals the money to give to Afghan kids. It’s was illogical and not realistic. For instance, at the end of the movie they blow off a guys arms to get the code. Once they raid his girlfriends house they accept tea from her laced with drugs. Who gets a drink from a person who’s boyfriend you just injured? Then they get into an accident because they are high. The van rolls about 10xs and NO ONE is hurt. They have sex immediately after outside of the flipped truck. Then after all the Mafia guys are killed, the casino owners are killed, and Dominos 2 partners are killed, Domino talks to the FBI and gets released. no one is arrested. Nothing.

A horrible movie. and I love movies. But this movie was so horrible I heard even Domino ( the girl the movie was based off of) hated the movie.

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