Doctor Strange (Video 2007)

Doctor Strange (Video 2007)

Released: 2007
Genre: Action, Animation, Fantasy, Genre
Starring: Kevin Michael Richardson, Paul Nakauchi, Bryce Johnson, ,
Run time: 76 min
IMDb: 6.8/10
Country: USA
Views: 198192


Dr. Stephen Strange embarks on a wondrous journey to the heights of a Tibetan mountain, where he seeks healing at the feet of the mysterious Ancient One. But before his wounds can mend, Strange must first let go of his painful past and awaken a gift granted to very few. The gift of magic. Empowered as the new Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Strange now tests his limits, rising up against monsters that push at the gates, facing the most terrifying entity humankind has ever known.
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Marvel Entertainment
User Reviews: I have ever been a fan of Marvel Comics’ "Doctor Strange". I’ve always enjoyed the Sorceror Supreme, and this straight to DVD release of the good Doctor’s tale of his rise from self-important doctor to Sorceror Supreme had me enthralled from the get go.

Doctor Strange, voiced by the talented Bryce Johnson, was a good choice for the voice of Strange, keeping with the element of curiosity and intellect that the Doctor displayed in his early days of his learning underneath the Ancient One.

Now, I know that most will complain about the very, very condensed version of Doctor Strange’s story, but I believe that Greg Johnson did a great job writing the script for a feature film that highlight’s the Doctor’s fledgling career as a sorceror, while not completely glossing over all of the parts that make the story important and believable… well, as believable as a comic book superhero can be.

Johnson’s screenplay touches on the Doctor’s career, putting us into the point where we see the Doctor as he was just before his accident that mangled his hands. A self-important, smug, condescending man who has little time to expend on treating patients who will not attain a spot for his name in medical journals.

The story continues there, touching over his history with his sister, but not completely leaving the parts that flesh out the Doctor, make him more human to us.

At this point, I’m afraid my review must end, for I will not give away the rest of the Doctor’s story. You’ll just have to see it for yourselves, and that is exactly what I recommend you do. I give the animated adaptation of Doctor Strange’s fledgling career a 9/10.

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