Doctor Faustus (1967)

Doctor Faustus (1967)

Released: 1967
Genre: Drama, Genre, Horror, Mystery
Director: Richard Burton
Starring: Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Durden, Michael Menaugh, Andreas Teuber, Ram Chopra, Richard Carwardine, Patrick Barwise, ,
Run time: 93 min
IMDb: 4.4/10
Country: United Kingdom
Views: 87621


Faustus is a scholar at the University of Wittenberg when he earns his doctorate degree. His insatiable appetite for knowledge and power leads him to employ necromancy to conjure Mephistopheles out of hell. He bargains away his soul to Lucifer in exchange for living 24 years during which Mephistopheles will be his slave. Faustus signs the pact in his own blood and Mephistopheles reveals the works of the devil to Faustus.
User Reviews: Though by its very nature it’s quite stagey, the bizarre psychedelic effects downright intrinsic of the period add to the charm of this intriguing work. Even crap films such as ‘Exorcist II: The Heretic’ can’t be dismissed because of Richard Burton’s outstanding persona. Elizabeth Taylor’s appearance can’t be considered sheer waste because her beauty and je ne sais pas make this tale of someone willing to give up his very soul for the woman he loves completely believable. In the director’s chair for once as well, even though he is helped, he does a resolutely credible job, nothing to be embarrassed about. Definitely worth one’s time for the adventurous cinephiles out there.

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