Diamond Dogs (2007)

Diamond Dogs (2007)

Released: 2007
Genre: Action, Adventure, Genre
Starring: Xue Zuren, Nan Yu, Dolph Lundgren, ,
Run time: 94 min
IMDb: 4.1/10
Country: Canada
Views: 69458


American ex-soldier Ronson (Dolph Lundgren) has fallen on hard times. He has been reduced to brutal illegal prizefights in the dingy backstreets of a city in Inner Mongolia in an attempt to pay off his debts. Things go from bad to worse after Ronson is caught in the act and arrested. The judge offers Ronson a choice: pay off all his debts in a month or return to jail. While Ronson is busy debating his limited options, he encounters the alluring Anika (Yu Nan), whom he follows down an alley only to be attacked by three thugs. After successfully beating off his attackers, he learns that the fight has been an elaborate audition for Anika’s stepfather Chambers, a wealthy New York art collector. Chambers offers Ronson enough money to settle all his debts if he will guide an expedition composed of Chambers (William Shriver), Anika, several of Chambers’ men and archeologist Ang Shaw into the rugged mountains of Mongolia. With the help of a secret map, Chambers hopes to locate a fabled temple…
Written by
Moonstone Entertainment
User Reviews: Nothing really special here. Dolph Lundgren plays a disgraced Army Officer who hides in Mongolia. he has managed to get himself $20,000 in debt to various people.

A saviour arrives in the form of a fortune hunter looking for an ancient tapestry. A group of Russians are also looking for it.

Now, you add all this together and it spells lots of gunfire, and a bit of hand to hand combat, and the usual terrible dialog in a cheapo version of Indiana Jones.

But, if you like Dolph Lundgren, you won’t be disappointed, and isn’t that why you are watching?

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