Dhira (2020)

Dhira (2020)

Released: 2020
Genre: Animation, Genre
Director: Arun Kumar Rapolu
Starring: Vivek Oberoi, Jeet, Sai Srinivas Bellamkonda, ,
Run time: 117 min
IMDb: 8.2/10
Country: India
Views: 44048


When South India was under foreign treachery in the 14th century, Vidhyaranya Swami along with his disciples Hari Hara and Bukka Raya saved the country. They established a new kingdom called Vijayanagara, hid the war loot in Kishkindha mountain and protected it by dividing the secret in two. Swamy then extracts a vow from forest tribe leader and Vijayanagara Minister to guard this secret.
User Reviews: Nice movie based on real story but animation quality was bit low


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Public on November 20, 2020

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