Dead Mine (2012)

Dead Mine (2012)

Released: 2012
Genre: Action, Genre, Horror
Director: Steven Sheil
Starring: Ario Bayu, Sam Hazeldine, Miki Mizuno, ,
Run time: 87 min
IMDb: 4.6/10
Country: Indonesia
Views: 152337


In an isolated island in Indonesia, an expedition is apparently seeking the legendary Yamashita’s Gold. Out of the blue, they are attacked and seek refugee in an abandoned Japanese bunker. Soon they discover that the place was a secret laboratory in the World War II where the prisoners were guinea pig in weird experiments. Further, they are trapped inside with strong and resistant creatures created by these experiments. Will they succeed to escape from the dead mine?
Written by
Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
User Reviews: …when the trailer shows "night shots" being actual day shots with a filter applied to them -__-

I have never been a huge fan of low budget flicks (rare exceptions), because their flaws usually override the good things about them! here, acting wise, it’s the typical group of people (here treasure hunters) with the typical casting: good looking guys, bunch of girls, etc… script wise, it’s basically the classic "look for something in a remote & dark place, where something is lurking"…unfortunately, it doesn’t add anything or bring the genre to new heights: same old, same old!

Not recommended, even though the production was pretty nice, all things considered: typical Sci-Fi TV acting & directing overall.

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  • harre hamlin 1 year ago

    Was really good till the very ending, its lile most movies with great potential, they are fine till the end then the writer or director can’t figure out what or how the ending should they just kinda end it leaving it open fir the viewer to use their imagination i guess?I also wish there was more backstory and even some flashbacks to the serum of “immortality” or whatever it was ? Would have made the story watly richer in terms of content. Great movie overall but could’ve been wayyyyy better given a tad bit more budget or effort or both perhaps. Actors were amazing abd special effects were decent, but like i said it jeed more “meat on the bone” so to speak. The director should have made a better ending i wou have watched another 20 or 30 mins happily if it expounded more on the backstory because abd those samurai which are most likely the “perfected” version of the other monsters/ pow’s used fir experimentation some of the content int the script felt hurried and unexplained with a minor inference as to the point of what just happened like when the girlfriend injects her boyfriend with the serum and gives a flimsy explanation that it should save his life when all he had was an injured shoulder. If i had to score it I’d give a 7/10 id give a 9 if it was a more flushed out story with more backstory and a lil more action they dont even bother to tell you how the 2nd to last character dies or why the samurai that kill everyone and everything except the other experiments are doing so? But other than the few plot holes, lack of a complete story as well as little to no backstory and occasional cheese acting from the girlfriend its really good and i do suggest it