Dead Heading (2018)

Dead Heading (2018)

Released: 2018
Genre: Genre, Thriller
Director: David Easton
Starring: Jen Cunningham, Emma Conway, Annie Bootiman, ,
Run time: 90 min
IMDb: 3.2/10
Country: UK
Views: 118917


When the flight attendant, Anna, arrives in London Heathrow after a long-haul flight from New York, she’s exhausted and terribly irritable. Another bland hotel room just adds to her moody emotional state. A chance meeting with a good-looking man in the bar perks up her evening and the two quickly hook up for the night. When Anna wakes the following morning, she finds herself covered in blood and the man brutally murdered in her bed. Who did it? The circumstance put her in a difficult situation to call the police, but what is she going to do now? How do you get rid of a body trapped in a hotel room? Anna will race against time to put the pieces together to discover a terrible truth.
User Reviews: If the acting was more stilted the actors would be wearing stilts.
If the plot was Swiss cheese, there would be no Swiss cheese.
If you have ninety minutes that you must waste and you absolutely rule out sticking pins in your eyes, then go for it.


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