Day Watch (2006)

Day Watch (2006)

Released: 2006
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Genre, Horror
Director: Timur Bekmambetov
Starring: Vladimir Menshov, Mariya Poroshina, Konstantin Khabenskiy, ,
Run time: 132 min
IMDb: 6.5/10
Country: Russia
Views: 101812


Anton belongs to the Forces of the Light as do his powerful girlfriend and apprentice, but his son is a powerful teenager from the Darkness and Anton protects him. When the balance between Light and Darkness is affected by the death of some evil vampires, Anton is framed and accused of the murders, and he chases an ancient chalk that has the power of changing the destiny of its owner.
Written by
Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
User Reviews: After reading the book trilogy I was looking forward to these movies. As in any adaptation, not everything makes it the screen. The movie was OK, I like the supernatural subject matter so I was able to stomach watching the whole movie. What drove me crazy is the translation!!!! I speak Russian and the subtitles were totally off. I understand that some things don’t translate literally but in some parts the subtitles had nothing to do with the words that the actors spoke. If anyone is in the industry, can you please enlighten us on the process of how the subtitles come about??? Do the people at FOX think that there will be no Russian speaking people watching the movie?

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