Danger USA (1989)

Danger USA (1989)

Released: 1989
Genre: Drama, Genre, Horror, Mystery
Director: Eames Demetrios
Starring: Martha Kincare, Lyle Waggoner, Dan Haggerty, ,
Run time: 90 min
IMDb: 4.1/10
Country: USA
Views: 135917


Shana’s parents and sister are murdered after her father learns how to return to life after death. Shana is knowledgeable about said procedure, which is desired by foreign interests, who have even Shana’s boyfriend helping them. Accounting for additional characters and footage is the fact that actress Shana is in the entertainment industry. So, Shana becomes both the pursuer – intent on avenging her family’s deaths – and the pursued.
Written by
Kim Williams
User Reviews: I saw this movie with the actor Dan Haggerty on the cover of the box and thought I would see him a lot. The exact opposite occurred when watching this film. A wild movie about a key and a room were involving everybody. Lots of action scenes and mystery with a hot and wild russian lady looking a little like Ursulla Andress and Dyanne Thorne mixed together. A wild woman that could make you not want to kill her and did I mention she has a great waist and great looking skin. This is a different type of movie with Grizzly Adams but without him. Warning: Scenes of nudity so do not let the children watch this at all. My only question is does anybody know about the above actress that I mentioned that is named Sonja in the movie,and her real name is Jessica Morgan. The IMDB has no information on this actress if you have any information about her and are reading this please put a comment on this page so that I will find out more about this fine actress.

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