Coonskin (1975)

Coonskin (1975)

Released: 1975
Genre: Action, Animation, Comedy, Genre
Director: Ralph Bakshi
Starring: Scatman Crothers, Charles Gordone, Barry White, ,
Run time: 100 min
IMDb: 6.7/10
Country: USA
Views: 48905


A multi-layered satire of race relations in America. Live-action sequences of a prison break bracket the animated story of Brother Rabbit, Brother Bear, and Preacher Fox, who rise to the top of the crime ranks in Harlem by going up against a con-man, a racist cop, and the Mafia.
Written by
Alan Smithee, Sr.
User Reviews: Hard to believe that this flick ever did get made. It doesn’t take much for people to label this as racist material, It came out at a time when black folks were able to get revenge on cinema. Well, they accomplish it well here.

Ralph Bakshi’s half animated, half live-action flick is actually a memorable one. Though it benefits from the Uncle Remus Tales as was already mentioned, Coonskin does have its own original elements that it seems no one else would touch. Watch for the clever voice-overs which perfectly fit the characters.

I would’nt recommend this movie for everyone, thats for sure. But for die-hard animation freaks, here’s one for ya!

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