Chhichhore (2019)

Chhichhore (2019)

Released: 2019
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Genre
Director: Nitesh Tiwari
Starring: Varun Sharma, Shraddha Kapoor, Sushant Singh Rajput, ,
Run time: 143 min
IMDb: 8/10
Country: India
Views: 57752


The setup was within 1990’s till present where Anni, a divorcee used his past experience in overcoming challenges of being a loser in college where he met His Wife, Maya and his Losers friends, Saxa, Mummy, Acid, Derek and Bevda. His shares past experience to his son, Raghav who struggles with being failed at getting an offer to college despite being an excellent student.
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Despite the weakness of the film, I love this Nitesh Tiwari directional. it’s full of hilarious moments made us (audience) laught out loud. We will be invited to reminisce into college days like 3 Idiots with different atmosphere and themes, but with almost the same impact. I know, the transition of flashback scene was not seamless. Sometimes, it seemed out of control. But believe me, it’ll be still on the right track till the end. The performances of lead cast was also just okay, not that great. It was the supporting cast who looked stunning in this film. But overall, the chemistry between casts was excellent. Go for this one! You will regret if you missed watching this film at nearby cinema! Unfortunately, this one is limited in my country, Indonesia.

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