Carnival in Flanders (1935)

Carnival in Flanders (1935)

Released: 1935
Genre: Comedy, Genre, History, Romance
Director: Jacques Feyder
Starring: Jean Murat, André Alerme, Françoise Rosay, ,
Run time: 110 min
IMDb: 7.5/10
Country: France
Views: 171117


When the village of Boom, in Flanders, learns a Spanish Duke and his troops plan to pass the night, the 4-man army deserts and the Mayor plays dead; so the Mayor’s wife organizes the townswomen to greet the invaders and preserve the peace with womanly wiles.
Written by
Rich Wannen <[email protected]>
User Reviews: "Carnival in Flanders"

This a clever, charming film that depicts the womenfolk of a Flemish village winning over Spanish invaders. The mayor’s wife rallies the women to use all their power and resources to seduce the Spaniards–and it works!

There are some very funny moments involving the vigil for the "deceased" mayor (especially when the court midget blackmails him). Most films about the 17th Century are pretty stodgy, but "Carnival" is delight.

I recommend this film.

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