Capone (1975)

Capone (1975)

Released: 1975
Genre: Animation, Crime, Drama, Genre
Director: Steve Carver
Starring: Harry Guardino, Susan Blakely, Ben Gazzara, ,
Run time: 101 min
IMDb: 5.7/10
Country: USA
Views: 174434


The story of the rise and fall of the infamous Chicago gangster Al Capone and the control he exhibited over the city during the prohibition years. Unusually, briefly covering the years after Capone was imprisoned.
Written by
Col Needham <[email protected]>
User Reviews: If you were looking for an Al Capone biography that was more exciting than the 1959 film with Rod Steiger, you might like this one, but the only exciting thing for me were the gun battles. Ben Gazzara does well in the title role, but you can tell he has cotton in his jowls because some of his dialogue is incomprehensible. The casting was ideal, having Italian-American actors playing a gang of Italian-American mobsters (especially Sylvester Stallone as Frank Nitti). There is one point the film gets wrong. At the end of the movie, Nitti travels to Florida in 1946 to visit Capone, who is dying of syphilis. In real life, Nitti committed suicide in 1943, before Capone died.

Recommended only for a boring day.

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