Budapest (2009)

Budapest (2009)

Released: 2009
Genre: Drama, Genre, Romance
Director: Walter Carvalho
Starring: Giovanna Antonelli, Gabriella Hámori, Leonardo Medeiros, ,
Run time: 113 min
IMDb: 6/10
Country: Hungary
Views: 181947


José Costa is a Brazilian ghost writer. Returning from a ghost writers convention his airplane is rerouted to Budapest. His life is also rerouted when he meets Krista and with her help, learns “the only language in the world which, according to the tongue-wagers, the devil respects”.
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User Reviews: This is not a statement on making a good movie. There are cases where it is quite different from the book, but resulting in a success as "The Shining", "Amadeus", "Le due vite di Mattia Pascal" among others.

Budapest is extremely presumptuous. I’m not criticizing the slow pace, non-commercial edition and plot, since these are characteristics of quality in many movies. The problem is about a very unconvincing story, with no original arguments. The hostile relationship between writer and his ghost writer has already been addressed before in some movies. Recently, Claude Lelouch’s "Roman de gare" show it in a different way, but much more convincing.

The film is a set of sentences that have just intention to create impact as "Drunk the water you had been using to wash your clothes" It’s remember that presumptuous attitude of some intellectuals who say things without any sense. when someone pose a question on it, the answer is always pointing to the fact that only those who have the same intellectual level can understand their ideas.

Leonardo Medeiros is a "bis in idem" in his interpretations(Roles). Always the same: eager, strong, arrogance flowing from a clear sense of superiority. Attitude of those who think that they are always doing the right thing. Very similar to what he has done in "Cabra-Cega" among others movies. (Quote on March 2011 – Leonardo Medeiros did a completely different role in "Não é por acaso". Really good movie, in some parts because of his interpretation)

The sum up is a movie in which you’ve got yourself full of boredom, since you are following through almost 2 hour a character full of contradictions, arrogant, which does not bring anything new to be noted.

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  • Ademilson 3 months ago

    Na postagem dos filmes budapeste os dois postado são o mesmo filme ou seja o que tem a atriz geovana e debora nascimento não foi postado