Brain of Blood (1971)

Brain of Blood (1971)

Released: 1971
Genre: Genre, Horror, Sci-Fi
Director: Al Adamson
Starring: John Bloom, Kent Taylor, Grant Williams, ,
Run time: 87 min
IMDb: 2.4/10
Country: USA
Views: 119617


Amir, the benevolent ruler of Kalid, is dying, but there is hope. Freshly deceased, he is flown to the United States where Dr. Trenton transplants his brain into the body of a simpleton in a classic “assistant got the wrong kind of body” plot line. Dr. Trenton has a few nefarious plot twists of his own in mind, and then there’s the thing with the dwarf and the women chained in the basement. It’s up to Amir’s friend Bob and wife Tracey to try and salvage this tale.
Written by
Ed Sutton <[email protected]>
User Reviews: A bit of a disappointment, this one. It didn’t have a lot of effects and wasn’t really all that funny. Sure, the acting was bad, but bad acting alone is not enough. More effects, blood, cardboard sets, please!

If you like these old B-flicks, go see Baron del Terror (aka the Brainiac), it’s much better.

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