Blood Scarab (Video 2008)

Blood Scarab (Video 2008)

Released: 2008
Genre: Genre, Horror
Director: Donald F. Glut
Starring: Brinke Stevens, Del Howison, Monique Parent, ,
Run time: 81 min
IMDb: 3.2/10
Country: USA
Views: 154074


Countess Elizabeth Bathory, history’s infamous lesbian vampire who, centuries ago, bathed in the blood of virgins to preserve her youth, arrives from Transylvania to take over the Los Angeles castle of Count Dracula, her vampire husband. At the same time, the 3000 year-old Mummy of Hor-Shep-Sut, an evil Egyptian sorceress, comes to life in a museum and stalks off into the night. Dracula, meanwhile, spends too long watching intended victims Tanya and Mina that, failing to return to the castle before dawn, is destroyed by the light of the rising sun. Renfield, Dracula’s insect-eating servant, because he’s spent too much time hunting fireflies than watching the time, is guilt-ridden over failing to save his Master. Elizabeth, who despises Renfield, relates to him (in flashback) her sordid blood-bathing past in Transylvania. Then she forces Renfield to find her a female victim. Renfield leads her to Mina, whom Elizabeth seduces in a video store. Elizabeth drinks Mina’s blood, thereby …
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User Reviews: Truth be told I expected a low budget T&A flick with very little substance however I was only right about the budget which really isn’t an issue with the right crew. Blood Scarab cannot be taken seriously featuring a mummy right out of the Hammer Horror archive, a dreadfully cast Dracula, Countess Elizabeth Bathory and Renfield as the protagonist of the film! The story though silly made the poor performances, terrible humor and lackluster effects oddly watchable but it could only take the movie so far.

Overall Blood Scarab is above par among movies of it’s ilk but that’s not saying a vast amount. Watchable if only for the novelty value.

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