Blood Feast (1963)

Blood Feast (1963)

Released: 1963
Genre: Genre, Horror
Director: Herschell Gordon Lewis
Starring: Connie Mason, Mal Arnold, William Kerwin, ,
Run time: 67 min
IMDb: 5/10
Country: USA
Views: 78278


Egyptian caterer busies himself collecting body parts from young maidens in order to bring Ishtar, an ancient goddess of good and evil back to life. When he has prepared enough parts for the ceremony, he hypnotizes a woman giving an engagement party for her daughter, at which he plans to perform the ancient rites of summons, using the daughter as his final sacrifice.
Written by
Ed Sutton <[email protected]>
User Reviews: Herschell Gordon Lewis’ cautionary tale of wanting to be too cultured. Ramses, a shop owner with disturbingly large eyebrows, offers clueless white people a taste of old world Egypt in what is called a blood feast. This turns out to be a cannibalistic ritual needed to resurrect an ancient Egyptian deity. This movie gives you everything you’d expect and more. While using an over abundance of fake syrupy blood, shaking camera effects and plenty of severed body parts, it seems more bizarre than gorey. It does feature plenty of terrible single shot dialogue and a sparse single instrument score. This is the exploitation film that makes you love exploitation films.

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