"Bless This Mess" The Estonian Method (TV Episode 2019)

"Bless This Mess" The Estonian Method (TV Episode 2019)

Genre: Comedy, Genre, TV-Show
Director: Josh Greenbaum
Starring: JT Neal, Lake Bell, Dax Shepard, ,
Run time: 21 min
IMDb: 7.7/10
Views: 139201


Rudi slowly gets over his hesitation to take ‘youthly’ advise about dating more actively and asks Constance for the country dances, but his ex Theresa turns up again and wriggles herself between them. Rio’s covert therapy inspires even Kay to grown expectations traditional framer husband Beau can’t meet, which stretches their marriage to the limit. Beau blames it on Rio and takes revenge on Mike, as impossibly hostile judge in the county fair best hen competition.
Written by
KGF Vissers
User Reviews: A mid-season surprise hit and renewed for season 2. Ed Begley Jr. ‘s character (Rudy) lives in the barn and named his pet chicken "Teresa" after his first wife. He is smitten with the local Sheriff (Pam Grier). Mr. Bowman just invited himself into Mike and Rio’s ramshackle homestead to live. All the chickens are pets and can’t be eaten. Mr. Bowman’s son has a serious "crush" on Rio. Mike and Rio are always hot-to-trot. If something doesn’t break down, then it catches on fire. Too much fun!

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