"Bless This Mess" The Chicken and the Goat (TV Episode 2019)

"Bless This Mess" The Chicken and the Goat (TV Episode 2019)

Genre: Comedy, Genre, TV-Show
Director: Kevin Bray
Starring: JT Neal, Lake Bell, Dax Shepard, ,
Run time: 21 min
IMDb: 7/10
Views: 84851


Told his aunt let the soil get exhausted, Mike is desperate and obsessed to find a solution, even though Rudi and his barn animals seem unlike consultants, yet physically inspire an obvious solution: manure, so he decides to raise chickens. Thus Rio failed to convince Mike to suspend his agricultural brainstorm to accompany her to a rare occasion to attempt breaking social isolation: a potluck she was grudgingly invited to as neighbor by Kate Bowman, but her home-baked cake (mainly by shopkeeper-sheriff Constance) passes muster no better then she, being too New York even for the only local gay. So when Mike finally takes twice-left Rudi’s advice to attend for his marriage’s sake, he soon concludes the rude hosts aren’t worth the hopeless effort. This macho display renders Rio horny enough to jump his bones in the barn, only to realizes they released a bull, who jumps the whole herd’s bones wasting a fortune in breeder sperm.
Written by
KGF Vissers
User Reviews: This show doesn’t qualify as comedy but rather high smelling skunk …. wow, its so bad i almost got through 2 episodes … lake bell is in no way a comedian and none of the cast qualifies either … dax who ? ed begley was sleep walking …the only half way acting real person in this farce was pam greer and that isn’t saying much

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