Black Day (2018)

Black Day (2018)

Released: 2018
Genre: Genre, Horror
Director: Rapheal Robinson
Starring: Tracey Coolin, Brian Boynton, Jay J. Bidwell, ,
Run time: 76 min
IMDb: 3.4/10
Country: USA
Views: 32600


The Story of two former military criminals turned special sleeper cell Soldiers of Fortune by a secret agency called “The Order of the Black Box”. While agent Sage Martinez is undercover as a low level drug dealer’s wife her more volatile and violent sister Jay Bird is A.W.O.L that’s until they get orders for a special mission (their last kill mission to buy their freedom). Paw Creed and the Darkwell family is a family of serial killing cannibals wanted from everything from cannibalism, murder to bank robbery. A confrontation that was written in Blood. Based on a graphic novel by Rapheal Robinson.
Written by
Rapheal Robinson
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