Bite (2015) – IMDb

Bite (2015) – IMDb

Released: 2015
Genre: Genre, Horror
Director: Chad Archibald
Starring: Denise Yuen, Annette Wozniak, Elma Begovic, ,
Run time: 88 min
IMDb: 4.9/10
Country: Canada
Views: 69153


While on her bachelorette party getaway, Casey, the bride to be, gets a seemingly harmless bite from an unknown insect. After returning home with cold feet, Casey tries to call off her wedding but before she’s able to, she starts exhibiting insect like traits. Between her physical transformation and her wedding anxiety, Casey succumbs to her new instincts and begins creating a hive that not only houses her translucent eggs, but feeds on the flesh of others. As her transformation becomes complete, Casey discovers that everything can change with a single bite.
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User Reviews: I enjoyed this movie, I had not heard about any of the hype until after I watched it so I had no preconceived ideas.

Casey is getting married and goes on a hen party trip with two of her friends. They go off the beaten track to a natural pool which is recommended to them by someone they meet. Casey is bitten under the water by some kind of bug. After returning home she notices a rash on her shoulder whilst in the bath. Areas of her body become inflamed with raised large lumps, they are painful and develop into gross pustules. She feels unwell, begins to get sick and basically gets worse and worse.

Along with this going on she has the mother-in-law-to-be from hell who literally hates her guts and a friend who wants her fiancé and steals her engagement ring.

Casey mutates into a gross goo-dripping creature that lays little ball eggs and makes a big slimy mess.

There have been a lot of negative reviews about this movie but I think that is possibly down to pre-movie hype that did not live up to expectations.

For me I found the movie a little bit slow after Casey began feeling ill. I quite liked the characters and how they were all a bit off. I was frustrated at how Casey didn’t go to the doctors when the initial symptoms began appearing as that would have been what any relatively normal person would have done. If she had have gone to the doctors this would have given the movie a bit more depth and could have added another dynamic.

As the movie progresses and Casey becomes more and more mutated I thought it was really good, I like the concept of making a nest and how she changed. I felt for her. There was tension and the makings of a good thriller as her friends began to try to get in touch with her and enter her apartment.

Yes there are many flaws but it does still stand up as a pretty good horror. It caught my imagination and kept me thinking about it for some time after watching which is always a good indication of a film you have enjoyed.

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