Billa (2007)

Billa (2007)

Released: 2007
Genre: Action, Crime, Genre, Thriller
Director: Vishnuvardhan
Starring: Rahman, Nayanthara, Ajith Kumar, ,
Run time: 130 min
IMDb: 7.2/10
Country: India
Views: 36556


The intertwined stories of an international Don in Malaysia, David Billa, chased by the cops, an Indian police officer, a woman who wants to avenge the death of her brother, and a lowly thief, Velu who shares with Billa, an unusual connection.
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User Reviews: Vishnuvardhan’s Billa is the remake of the yesteryear blockbuster Billa which starred Rajini in the lead role. The yesteryear version was made as a stylish gangster film and just like that version, Vishnuvardhan made the film a notch higher by making it abroad. The film is touted to be the most stylish film ever made in Tamil Cinema at the time of the release. Billa seems to be a well-packaged action thriller and the quality of the film is another factor to pull the audience to watch the film. In this version, we have Ajith playing the dual roles effortlessly with his stylish mannerisms. It’s right to say that Billa is the right film at the right time of his career. Ajith needed a strong film to revive his career after a strike of failures and Billa seems to be the film that has the perfect elements to work for his larger-than-life star image. Ajith shows so much versatility with his acting prowess in the two roles showing remarkable distinctions. If David Billa is stylish then as Velu, he is an entertainer. I simply loved the scenes which feature Ajith and Prabhu in the latter half after David Billa’s death. Billa has a strong star cast and each and every one of them has at least something to do. Nayanthara has a backstory whereas Namitha is Billa’s girlfriend. Rahman plays a pivotal role while Prabhu is another strong supporting actor in the film. Well, speaking about Nayanthara, she has taken a bold decision in acting in this film which doesn’t have the conventional love track but instead a much different purpose. Nayanthara hasn’t done a role that is out of her comfort zone until Billa happened. On the other side, Prabhu shines pretty much with his given role. Billa becomes much more special for its brilliant cinematography by Nirav Shah and the evergreen musical score by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Developing more on the musical side, Yuvan Shankar Raja’s background score is a major pillar of strength in this stylish action film. As a filmmaker, Vishnuvardhan has perfectly made the film while giving the right importance to the original content and presenting it on a much grand scale. Vishnuvardhan doesn’t rely much on the usual commercial format despite having some of the trademark elements to create the momentum for Ajith’s star image. It’s true that Billa is a film that celebrates a star because the film depends on his larger-than-life image. Vishnuvardhan has played a huge part in transforming Ajith in this film. Well, compared to his previous films, Ajith looked way more stylish and smart in this film and Vishnuvardhan has made it tailor-made for Ajith which works big time. Another important factor in Billa is that there are fewer dialogues and much more actions which keep the film engaged and tighter. Despite being a strong film, Billa doesn’t have connectivity with the audience because the Hollywood style treatment distances them from the film. The climax seems to be rushed a bit which could have been much better. Overall, Billa is definitely one of the most stylish films ever made in Tamil Cinema.

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