Bicentennial Man (1999)

Bicentennial Man (1999)

Released: 1999
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Genre, Sci-Fi
Director: Chris Columbus
Starring: Sam Neill, Embeth Davidtz, Robin Williams, ,
Run time: 132 min
IMDb: 6.9/10
Country: USA
Views: 83120


This film follows the ‘life’ and times of the lead character, an android who is purchased as a household robot programmed to perform menial tasks. Within a few days the Martin family realizes that they don’t have an ordinary droid as Andrew begins to experience emotions and creative thought. In a story that spans two centuries, Andrew learns the intricacies of humanity while trying to stop those who created him from destroying him.
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User Reviews: After reading the mixed to negative reviews, I was a bit worried that this film wouldn’t be that great. But, to my surprise, I found that I couldn’t disagree more with some of those reviews, because this movie was really damn good. The performances are great, the story is touching and well written, the narrative is gripping, and the premise is really well executed. The music score, which isn’t something I usually talk about, is surprisingly great in this movie and is something worth noting. However, despite this movie being a pleasant surprise, I did find the script to be a bit messy at times. It isn’t really that bad, but there were times a few lines felt out of place and/or kind of half-assed. Another thing I noticed is that this movie can drag on a bit too long in a few scenes, which, while it doesn’t necessarily ruin this movie, can still be a tad bit of an annoyance when you just want to know what happens next. Overall, despite these few flaws, this is one hell of a movie, and the fact that so many people didn’t enjoy it as much as I did kind of makes me sad, as I genuinely think this is one of the smartest and most heart wrenching movies I’ve seen with Robin Williams, as it does a good job of not only having a few funny moments, but also having a lot of heart warming moments, whether it be Andrew slowly becoming human or Andrew finally finding love. I thought this film was great and I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, because, while this is definitely not a perfect movie, it is still, in my opinion, an underrated classic.

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