"Batwoman" Off with Her Head (TV Episode 2020)

"Batwoman" Off with Her Head (TV Episode 2020)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime, Genre, TV-Show
Director: Holly Dale
Starring: Meagan Tandy, Rachel Skarsten, Ruby Rose, ,
Run time: 45 min
IMDb: 7/10
Views: 173018


Kate finds August, and she and Jacob question him as to Alice’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Alice finds Mouse and rescues him from the fear toxin, only to fall victim to it herself and relive her time growing up in the Cartwright household – and tending to Mommy Dearest.
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User Reviews: This show is absolutely unbelievable. Some episodes I’m laughing, some I’m cheering, but this one…holy cow I cried multiple times. Amazing writing and directing, and Rachel S continues to be one of the most fantastic actresses on screen. At this point, I have her up on the Tatiana Maslany tier– I’m serious, Emmy tier!! Thank you for this show that continues to get better and better every episode!

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