Barbaric Years (1998)

Barbaric Years (1998)

Released: 1998
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Genre
Director: Fernando Colomo
Starring: Hedy Burress, Ernesto Alterio, Jordi Mollà, ,
Run time: 111 min
IMDb: 6.5/10
Country: Spain
Views: 40794


Two students are arrested for painting revolutionary graffiti on the university walls. They escape from the camp and flee with two American girls, disguised as rich young men who are showing Spain to two tourists.
Written by
Oscar Esteban <[email protected]>
User Reviews: This film is one of the best political dramas I have seen – totally engrossing story about two students who are imprisoned for ‘mischief making’ and standing up against Franco’s regime.

The men are imprisoned, but are later rescued by an underground resistance movement. It is this that puts Anos barbaros in a class of its own. The relationships that emerge both before, during and after the imprisonment make for compelling viewing.

There are a number of very good moments – the Canadian and American girls who help the Spanish lads, an over the top, flamboyant musical producer add to the humour and tension.

We are not allowed to forget about the brutality evident in Spain at the time – there are moments akin to Fred Zinneman’s Julia towards the end of the film.

The film makes its point well, but the overall feeling isn’t one of intense heaviness: the humour of characters and situations, the relationships between the characters and the telling differences between Spanish and American make this a film WELL worth seeing.


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