Bamboo Stories (2019)

Bamboo Stories (2019)

Released: 2019
Genre: Documentary, Genre
Director: Shaheen Dill-Riaz
Starring: ,
Run time: 96 min
IMDb: 7.8/10
Country: Bangladesh
Views: 159630


A group of men in North-Eastern Bangladesh are facing a dangerous mission. They are to conquer the river, with a 70 meter long raft. The ride is 300 kilometre long, always downstream. The freight: 25 000 bamboo trees. The men’s path begins in the dense forests of the Sylhet region in North-Eastern Bangladesh. Millions of bamboo trunks are hacked down there and being slid down by the workers along the dangerous mountain-stream into the valley. The bamboos reach the river Kushiara through hundreds of these channels. Here, the trunks are bundled – a giant raft arises. Then the long journey begins.
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Public on August 2, 2020

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