Ballad of the Little Soldier (TV Movie 1984)

Ballad of the Little Soldier (TV Movie 1984)

Released: 1984
Genre: Documentary, Genre, War
Starring: Werner Herzog, ,
Run time: 46 min
IMDb: 7.3/10
Country: West Germany
Views: 193023


The film focuses on a group of Miskito in Nicaragua who used child soldiers in their resistance against the Sandinistas.
User Reviews: This is a powerful, 40 minute long documentary about child soldiers fighting for an Indian tribe known as the Miskitos against a communist enemy. In the first half there are interviews, which are quite painful to watch, with people in the tribe who’ve seen awful events such as their children being killed before their own eyes because of the enemy.

The second half manages to be equally upsetting, painful, and disturbing, as Werner Herzog documents the child soldiers, preparing to go to war. The fact that such young children are going through such difficulties is greatly upsetting, and this film manages to be VERY powerful. However, at only 40 minutes, it STILL seems to need some editing! With such a short runtime, it feels quite long!

Although there’s some flaws, it is pretty great and pretty emotional. If you’re into more disturbing documentaries, this is one you have to see!

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