Arthur & Merlin: Knights of Camelot (2020)

Arthur & Merlin: Knights of Camelot (2020)

Released: 2020
Genre: Action, Adventure, Genre, History
Director: Giles Alderson
Starring: Joe Egan, Richard Short, Richard Brake, ,
Run time: 90 min
IMDb: 4.8/10
Country: UK
Views: 154475


A much older King Arthur returns home after fighting the Roman Empire. His illegitimate son has corrupted the throne of Camelot. Now King Arthur must reunite with the wizard Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table and fight to get back his crown.
Written by
Ken M.
User Reviews: I wonder who got the weird idea to tag this movie as a comedy since it’s absolutely not in any way shape or form, not even with a second degree of lecture. And worst, this not even a good movie at all…. Not a good swordfight in it , no interesting plot , no attaching character,….. This movie is boring as hell and the only good news is that it last only for 90 min wich feel already like 180 min. Maybe you’re a fan of the Arthurian mythology, well you’d better avoid watching this because like me you won’t find nothing a bout it in that piece of crap.


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Public on July 17, 2020

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