"Arrow" Year’s End (TV Episode 2012)

"Arrow" Year’s End (TV Episode 2012)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime, Genre, TV-Show
Director: John Dahl
Starring: Colin Donnell, Katie Cassidy, Stephen Amell, ,
Run time: 45 min
IMDb: 8.4/10
Country: USA
Views: 150693


Oliver has to deal with the fact that there’s a copycat on the street dispensing justice. The first victim is Adam Hunt who Oliver put out of business some months ago. Det. Quentin Lance quickly concludes that the killer, who uses black arrows, is not the Hood, as he calls Oliver. Things become deadly serious when the Black Arrow takes a group of innocent people hostage threatening to kill one every hour until the Arrow is apprehended. Meanwhile, Oliver is surprised that the family no longer has their annual Christmas party and offers to re-institute what was once a Queen family tradition. In flashbacks, we learn that the island on which Oliver lived for 5 years was once a Chinese prison.
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