Arabian Nights – Volume 2, The Desolate One (2015)

Arabian Nights – Volume 2, The Desolate One (2015)

Released: 2015
Genre: Drama, Genre
Director: Miguel Gomes
Starring: Luísa Cruz, Chico Chapas, Crista Alfaiate, ,
Run time: 131 min
IMDb: 7.1/10
Country: Portugal
Views: 68028


Continuation of the Arabian Nights stories by the structure were adapted to modern life in Portugal in three innings and the third chapter “The Owners of Dixie” has three chapters.
User Reviews: Don’t follow the critic above. My opinion it’s about the complete film, and I believe that the movie is simply marvelous, wonderful, a total gem, is sad and moving, but also humorous, free and poetic. It’s absolutely original, is cinema in is true meaning. Miguel Gomes is one the greatest directors alive. I hope that he will receive the recognition that he deserves has a great filmmaker. The two previous films: Our beloved month of August and Tabu, were already great, but The Arabian Nights is even better. It’s one of the few films that I saw in the last years that I call a masterpiece, and probably has in part I, one of the most beautiful title sequences of the history of the cinema.

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