Anne of Green Gables (TV Mini-Series 1985)

Anne of Green Gables (TV Mini-Series 1985)

Genre: Drama, Family, Genre
Starring: Richard Farnsworth, Colleen Dewhurst, Megan Follows, ,
Run time: 199 min
IMDb: 8.4/10
Country: Canada
Views: 36278


At the turn of the century on Prince Edward Island, Matthew Cuthbert and his sister Marilla decide to take on an orphan boy as help for their farm. But they get an unexpected jolt when they’re mistakenly sent a girl instead: Anne Shirley. Anne’s a dreamer with an unusual point of view, far removed from Marilla’s pragmatic ways, and it’s only on trial that Marilla agrees to keep Anne…if Anne can keep out of trouble, only Anne has a positive genius for it. As Anne falls into a series of scrapes (and off a roof), makes a bosom friend, searches (and finds) several kindred spirits, Matthew and Marilla discover that their lives have become a great deal richer, now that Anne is at Green Gables.
Written by
Kathy Li
User Reviews: I have been watching the film Anne of Green Gables since I was very young and reading the book for longer. Nothing I had ever see before had the same impact on me. Here was a girl, skinny and as a child not much to look at apart from this red hair that stood out a mile, a child who was ridiculed because of it, just like me as a child. I am the same as Anne and it felt like it had been written for me, after that first time I was hooked and watching it time and time again I never got tired. The many trials and tribulations she goes through in her life mirrors real life in many ways as we all hit the ‘Depths of Despair’ more than once in our lives.

Anyone who has not seen this film yet, I recommend that you watch it immediately, well, as soon as you can, you won’t regret it. The version to watch is the one with Megan Follows in it as she definitely was the best person for the role of Anne.

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