Anna (1951)

Anna (1951)

Released: 1951
Genre: Drama, Genre, Romance
Director: Alberto Lattuada
Starring: Raf Vallone, Gaby Morlay, Silvana Mangano, ,
Run time: 107 min
IMDb: 6.7/10
Country: Italy
Views: 28288


Anna, a former sexy nightclub dancer who has become a hospital nurse, is on the verge of taking the veil. One day, She recognizes Andrea, her former fiancé, among the patients. Her troubled past suddenly comes back to her. Though engaged to Andrea, she was attracted to Vittorio, the owner of the nightclub where she performed as a singer and dancer. After Vittorio attempted to rape her, Andrea killed him. Following this tragedy. Anna decided to go into a convent. Andrea, who has been acquitted, now tries to persuade Anna to come back to him but at this very moment it is announced that a train has been derailed. Anna then understands that she must dedicate herself to her new vocation.
Written by
Guy Bellinger
User Reviews: Hello Folks! I have looked for this movie for quite a while. I watched the movie just about the time I was reaching puberty, at the local "passion pit" aka: The Roseville show. But this particular time I was alone and not sitting in the last row of the balcony. It touched me on the deepest level, and I always thought of it since that first viewing. Now I’m 63, and the movie still haunts me. So, I rate it in my personal "Top Ten" movies. I hope others take the time to see it. Perhaps others will view it. The Story line just blows me away! It begins with Anna falling in love with a soldier during the war, and a passionate love affair begins in the midst of crisis. As the relationship turns into deep love, the soldier gets reassigned. Anna is in crisis after her lover leaves. She is severely depressed and becomes a "loose woman" and begins Carousing, Drinking etc. after she receives word that her true love has been killed in action. Given this news, she decides to enter the Catholic convent to atone for her sinful past. Well I’ve already told to much but This website insists on at least 10 lines. O will tell no more, hope I have piqued the interest of another Romantic to watch this B&W 1951 epic, but I will not reveal the ending. So I hope this is enough to fulfill the requirements. Thanks for reading my ramblings Love to all. [email protected] feel free to share your impressions with me.

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