American Mummy (2014)

American Mummy (2014)

Released: 2014
Genre: Genre, Horror
Director: Charles Pinion
Starring: Aaron Burt, Aidan Bristow, Suziey Block, ,
Run time: 82 min
IMDb: 2.6/10
Country: USA


A group of university students in the New Mexico desert unearth an ancient mummy, on which one of the students performs a secret, primeval blood ritual. This awakens the death-hungry spirit of the Aztec Lord Tezcalipoca, intent on finishing his centuries-old reign of terror. Soon, the mummy’s curse possesses the students’ souls, turning them against each other in a bid to spread his evil to the entire world.
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Wild Eye Releasing
User Reviews: This is the worst movie I have ever seen. I dosed off 4 times within the first 30 minutes. Everything sucked in this movie, the acting, the story-line, the direction, the editing and even the 3D sucked.

1) Story-line = terrible 0/5 (very difficult to follow the story, continued to jump around not leading into the next screen)

2) Acting = terrible 0/5 (a Russian professor with the worst Russian accent ever just to name one)

3) Video = extremely bad (many of the shots were not considered for 3D presentation

4) 3D = sub-par (lots of ghosting over an high-send Sony active 3D display)

5) Audio = 1/5 (nothing to write home to mom about)

6) Flow of events = 0/5 (worst ever)

7) Editing = 0/5 (wonder if the editor graduated from high school)

8) Direction = 0/5 (director should be banished from the studio lots and forbidden to make any further movies, including documentaries.

Do yourself a favorite. Won’t waste your valuable time on this crud.

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