Amazons (1986)

Amazons (1986)

Released: 1986
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Genre
Director: Alejandro Sessa
Starring: Joseph Whipp, Penelope Reed, Mindi Miller, ,
Run time: 76 min
IMDb: 4.6/10
Country: USA
Views: 159900


Lost for centuries, the legendary Sword of Azundati–a magnificent blade imbued with an unlimited magical power–is the only thing on Earth that can defeat the dark necromancer, Kalungo, and his demonic minions. After surviving a devastating attack on the emerald city of Imbissi, the untamed Amazon warrior, Queen Dyala, embarks on a peril-laden quest to retrieve the mystical artefact, along with the equally fearless sisters-in-arms, Tashi and Tashinge. However, treachery, sorcery, and betrayal stand in their way. Will Dyala, the dauntless Amazonian defender, thwart the evil sorcerer’s plans for world domination?
Written by
Nick Riganas
User Reviews: Roger Corman tells a story so well that this sword & sorcery adventure would have been on par with popular blockbuster films such as Conan the barbarian, were it not for obvious shortcomings in the time and money spent on production. The dubbing is sloppy and the dialog is toneless. The cheap special effects are mediocre at best and, at their worst, they look like something taken out of a cheap horror/science fiction flick from the 1950’s.

As an alternative attraction, Corman affords us numerous glimpses of sexy and/or athletic women, usually dressed in revealing attire and sometimes completely naked. Unlike a soft-porn production, however, the emphasis is on action and adventure, thus providing a unique platform for this kind of voyeurism.

This movie may have some appeal for amazon aficionados. The hand to hand combat scenes come off reasonably well. In fact, Mindi Miller (Windsor Taylor Randolph), as Dyala, was particularly adept at handling a staff. And, both she and Penelope Reed, who played Tashi, have physiques suitable for their roles.

Corman depicts amazons somewhat differently than I have seen in other productions such as Xena. In Corman’s story, amazons have a prominent role in society, but still keep their place alongside men. This makes sense if anyone ever wondered where baby amazons come from. I also like the fact that despite being great warriors, the amazons still remain vulnerable, allowing us to fear for their safety and making them appear more human.

Basically, the amazons are threatened by en evil wizard, who makes a pact with supernatural ghost-like beings and uses human sacrifice to gain metaphysical powers. To stop him, Dyala and Tashi, are sent on a dangerous quest for the sword of Azundati. The suspense and the overall impact of the movie are dampened, however, since we know that despite impossible odds, ultimately good will conquer evil, and all will enjoy a happy ending. So, Corman makes their challenge more difficult by creating dissension and treachery among the amazons and their friends. To provide a greater sense of reality and mortal peril, a few key characters in the story actually die.

If you like the thrill of naked breasts and thighs, but you still want a half-way decent story, this movie may be worth your while.

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