After So Many Days (2019)

After So Many Days (2019)

Released: 2019
Genre: Documentary, Genre, Romance
Starring: Jim Hanft, ,
Run time: 86 min
IMDb: 8.1/10
Country: USA
Views: 168786


After a decade of making music together, Jim and Sam, a recently married singer/songwriter duo from Los Angeles, were not the conventionally successful band they hoped they’d be. Feeling stuck and anxious about their future, the duo made a spontaneous decision to go “all in,” making a pact to play one show every day for a year. With suitcases and a guitar, the troubadours ventured out for a 365-day tour down unexplored roads, and onto unexpected stages, bringing their music to new audiences throughout 14 different countries. After So Many Days, is an intimate front row seat to the highs and lows of what it’s like for two people to pursue a dream, together.
User Reviews: IN A NUTSHELL:
"Overtly truthful", as Jim calls it, this musical documentary allows you to be a fly on the wall while you watch a newly-married couple conquer their goal of playing one show every day for an entire year. Jim Hanft and Samantha Yonack travel through 14 different countries and experience inspiring ups and heartbreaking downs in their music career and relationship. Their music is easy-breezy and a delight to listen to along the journey. Musicians who are also trying to make it into the biz will be fascinated. After So Many Days will screen at the Nashville Film Festival in October and has been an official selection at more than 30 film festivals worldwide

Some profanity and 6 F-bombs. Jim is the one with the potty-mouth.
Kids and those not interested in the music biz might be bored.

Music brings people together
Go for your dreams!

I loved watching them write the song on their trip that the movie’s title is based on. Very sweet.
It was really fun to see the traveling troubadours perform shows in random venues spontaneously. It’s motivating to watch people never give up on their goals.
It’s also interesting to watch life on the road and see the odd places they slept in.
They didn’t shy away from the realities of the business like how they were going to pay their bills or get back up after being rejected. What an inspiring lesson in hope.
The film will be accompanied by the full-length album, After So Many Days released by Nettwerk Records on 10/9. I loved that they were able to show one of their big breaks in the film. You’re going to want to buy their album after watching the documentary because their music is so lovely, but also to support them in their quest for musical success.
I liked the insightful conversations with people they met on their path.
That was so funny to see Jim and Sam sing to a bunch of cows that had gathered to watch them.
I loved seeing parts of the countries they traveled around.
Their voices and lives blend so well together.
Not only do Jim and Sam sing beautifully together, but they also wrote, directed, and produced the documentary, filming 365 days straight. Impressive.

It looked like they flew back and forth to Sweden a lot. That had to be expensive. I would have liked to learn more about their connection to Sweden. Why Sweden so often?
Awww, man! I wish I had known them when they went to Las Vegas where I live! I would have gathered an enthusiastic audience for them for sure!
I would have loved more drone shots of the countries where they traveled.

"We’re attempting to do a show every day for a year." – Jim "We’re not attempting. We’re doing!" – Sam
"It’s nice to do something every day that makes you feel good." – Sam
"I think love is inspiration." – Jim
"Music, at the end of the day, is just meant to uplift people." – Sam


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