A Woman for All Men (1975)

A Woman for All Men (1975)

Released: 1975
Genre: Drama, Genre
Director: Arthur Marks
Starring: Keenan Wynn, Andrew Robinson, Judith Brown, ,
Run time: 95 min
IMDb: 5/10
Country: USA
Views: 29693


Irascible and domineering millionaire Walter McCoy marries the beautiful, but shady and duplicitous Karen Petrie. Walter’s son Steve automatically becomes smitten with Karen while both Walter’s daughter Cynthia and loyal housekeeper Sarah suspect that something is up. This provokes a tangled web of deception, infidelity, and even murder.
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User Reviews: This movie begins with a beautiful woman by the name of "Karen" (Judith Brown) marrying an older man named "Walter McCoy" (Keenan Wynn) and subsequently driving home with him to meet his adult daughter "Cynthia" (Patty Bodeen) and his two sons, "Steve" (Andrew Robinson) and "Paul" (Peter Hooten). It then becomes known that Walter is a multi-millionaire who owns a construction company and is extremely selfish and over-bearing to everyone. Karen, as it turns out, was a high-class Las Vegas prostitute who never loved Walter and has married him only because he is rich. Needless to say, both Paul and Cynthia suspect that Karen is nothing but a golddigger and they now feel threatened by her influence with Walter and the probable impact on their inheritance. Steve, on the other hand, becomes attracted to Karen and discovers that Karen is equally attracted to him. They eventually have an affair which threatens everything. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this was a rather standard film-noir which was greatly enhanced by the presence of Judith Brown and some decent mystery toward the end. It isn’t a great movie by any means but I didn’t think it was necessarily that bad either and I have rated it accordingly. Average.

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