A Christmas Dream (1946)

A Christmas Dream (1946)

Released: 1946
Genre: Animation, Family, Genre
Starring: ,
Run time: 11 min
IMDb: 6.3/10
Country: Czechoslovakia
Views: 46338


Christmas has arrived. As a little girl and her parents enter the room, the little girl finds all kinds of toys under the Christmas Tree. She immediately throws her old doll aside and starts playing with her new dolls. But that night she has a dream. Or isn’t it a dream…
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User Reviews: Czechoslovak animator Karel Zeman made his directorial debut with "Vánoční sen" ("A Christmas Dream" in English), which he co-directed with his brother Bořivoj. The version that I saw had dialogue and scenes of Santa Claus, and I understand the original Czech version had neither.* The movie itself has kind of a bland plot, as a girl dreams that her rag doll comes to life and puts on a show. The stop motion animation is impressive, but that’s really the only reason to watch this. Nonetheless, I do hope to see more of Karel Zeman’s work.

*Similarly, the original Japanese release of "Godzilla" didn’t feature Raymond Burr’s character.

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