A Big Love Story (2012)

A Big Love Story (2012)

Released: 2012
Genre: Comedy, Genre, Romance
Director: Ryan Sage
Starring: Tommy Snider, Jillian Federman, Robbie Kaller, ,
Run time: 92 min
IMDb: 6.3/10
Country: USA
Views: 23925


With his glory days long gone, former prominent college football player Sam, after his beloved mother’s death of a heart attack and an unfortunate career-ending knee injury, he gradually lets himself swell out to a dangerous weight. Moreover, now that funny and sarcastic, yet insecure Sam is trying to make ends meet as a bowling alley attendant, his love life is practically nonexistent, however, in one of those spur-of-the-moment decisions, he will make a bet with his close friends and visit the nearest gym for the ultimate makeover. Soon, like a fish out of water, Sam will meet with his uncommon personal trainer Cassie, a witty bookworm and a heavy smoker, and straight away, a timid friendship will develop. But does charming Cassie know that she is the girl of his dreams? After all, underneath this overweight teddy bear lies something more than a humble and truthful admirer. There, hides her soulmate.
Written by
Nick Riganas
User Reviews: I really liked this movie! Hollywood Reporter wrote, "Brings a fresh life to the overworked Romantic Comedy genre." And, I couldn’t agree more. If you’ve been following my reviews you will know that I’ve had a struggle with Romantic Comedies lately. I’ve so wanted to like them but have just found them too over the top, unrealistic and silly. This RomCom is ordinary, real and adorable. Robbie Kaller and Jillian Leigh play it perfectly. Great reflection on life by Dale Zawada (I wonder if he wrote this whole movie just for the last line). Treat yourself. I give this film an 8 (life at its simplest) out of 10. {RomCom}

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