6 Days (2017)

6 Days (2017)

Released: 2017
Genre: Action, Drama, Genre, History
Director: Toa Fraser
Starring: Abbie Cornish, Mark Strong, Jamie Bell, ,
Run time: 94 min
IMDb: 6.2/10
Country: New Zealand
Views: 97478


In April 1980, armed gunmen stormed the Iranian Embassy in Princes Gate, London and took all inside hostage. Over the next six days a tense standoff took place, all the while a group of highly trained soldiers from the SAS prepared for a raid the world had never seen.
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User Reviews: "The Prime Minister wants the world to see how this country deals with terrorism" And the world saw it. The film is not bad, it has some tension but we know in advance everything that will happen so we can not talk about suspense, everything is predictable. Personally, I would have liked to be more dynamic, more spectacular. No acting performance out of the ordinary, all actors just do their job to get their pay.

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